Electricity bills are major charges for hoteliers and riad operators in Morocco. By switching to solar energy, it is possible to considerably reduce the weight of these charges. Indeed, electricity produced by photovoltaic panels is cheaper than that distributed by the conventional grid. It is estimated that the installation of a solar energy system can pay for itself in 3 to 5 years depending on the number of photovoltaic panels installed and the consumption profile of the hotel.

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Morocco’s natural level of sunshine means that all the advantages of solar energy can be fully exploited for the production of electricity. With a sufficient number of photovoltaic panels, it is possible for a hotel to produce between 30 and 80% of its electricity needs. This will therefore reduce costs and improve the profitability of the hotel structure.

Solarmen offers you on-grid installations. This means that the photovoltaic panels are coupled to your meter in order to be connected to the general electricity grid. This means that the grid takes over without any impact when the production of solar energy is no longer sufficient. You therefore have no interruption in the power supply, which is a crucial point when running a hotel or riad.

If your electricity production exceeds your consumption, the installation of an anti-injection system by Solarmen prevents this surplus from ending up on the general network and being billed to you. Indeed, it is not possible in Morocco to sell the electricity produced by its solar panels.

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peer to peer solar power supply

Solar energy can be used for the general electricity consumption of the hotel. However, it is also possible to opt for photovoltaic electricity only for the supply of a specific substation.

A number of resorts in Marrakech have already opted for solar power for their swimming pools, for example. Indeed, the running of a swimming pool in a hotel (heating, pump, etc.) represents a certain cost in electricity. The installation of photovoltaic panels dedicated solely to the power supply of this station makes it possible to reduce this cost significantly.

This peer-to-peer power supply solution is particularly relevant for energy-intensive stations. In this case, there is no connection to the electrical network.

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