Installing a photovoltaic system allows you to produce solar energy that will supply your business with electricity and thus reduce the charges on your energy bills. In addition to this important financial aspect, switching to solar energy is a way for your company to assert its eco-responsible policy and position itself as a player in the defence of and respect for the environment. It is a strong commitment in terms of image towards customers who are increasingly sensitive to this approach.

The success of such an installation requires you to surround yourself with professionals with sufficient expertise to accompany you throughout the project. This is the case with Solarmen, who will advise and support you at every stage.

EPC: Engineering, Sourcing and Construction

When it comes to installing a photovoltaic device in the industrial sector, Solarmen is not just a simple solar panel installer. It is a true partner that will take charge of the various phases of this project: from engineering services to the installation of the system, including the purchase of materials and supplies, Solarmen takes care of everything so that the choice of solar energy for your company is a real success.

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Solarmen, installateur photovoltaïque au Maroc

Photovoltaics for industries in Marrakech

pumping installation

network connection

peer to peer

Auto-consommation et raccordement ON GRID par Solarmen

self-consumption and ON GRID connection

The choice of solar energy in the industrial environment can take different forms. The first of these is to partially supply the company with its own electricity production from photovoltaic panels. Self-consumption can make it possible to cover a more or less important part of the electricity needs. This depends on the number of panels installed but also on the consumption profile of your factory or premises.

The photovoltaic device is coupled with the general electricity grid to ensure a continuous supply of electric power. This is known as on-grid connection. This means that the general grid takes over when your solar energy production is no longer sufficient.

Such an installation makes it possible to significantly reduce the costs linked to a company’s electricity bills in Morocco, especially as the country benefits from a particularly advantageous rate of sunshine.

power supply for a specific station

Solar energy can also be chosen to supply electricity to a specific substation. This is usually a substation that consumes a lot of energy. With the installation of photovoltaic panels designed to produce enough electricity for it to operate, the operation of this substation will weigh less heavily on the company’s costs.

Feel free to contact our team to set up a project adapted to your company and thus reduce your energy bills.

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