The cost of electricity is a major expense in the budgets of private individuals but also of professionals (hotel owners, industrialists or farmers). With the solar energy obtained by installing photovoltaic panels, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of electricity supply.

With Solarmen, your installer of solar energy production solutions in Morocco, you can make significant savings while adopting an eco-responsible approach. Would you like to find out more about grid connection (PV on grid) and photovoltaic self-consumption in Marrakech and the surrounding area? Our site is made for you.

what is photovoltaic self-consumption ?

With photovoltaic self-consumption, you produce and consume your own electricity. Solar electricity is produced by photovoltaic (PV) panels that can be installed on your roof or in any other place with optimal sunlight. This energy production system is based on reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly technology. These panels will be connected to your meter and thus to the public electricity grid. This is known as a PV on grid installation, grid meaning ‘grid’ in English.

You will directly use the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels for your electricity consumption. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you will thus be less dependent on electricity from the general grid. Your bills will therefore be significantly reduced.

The money you save depends on the number of photovoltaic panels installed and your electricity needs. However, it can be estimated that such an installation can produce between 30 and 80% of the electricity required by private individuals or hoteliers. It is more difficult to give a precise range for industrialists. The Solarmen team will be able to give you an estimate once they know your electricity consumption profile.

what are the advantages of solar energy and ONGRID connection ?

The financial aspect is one of the main advantages of photovoltaic self-consumption. Solar energy is 50 to 75% cheaper than the kilowatt-hours charged by conventional energy suppliers. The savings are significant and quickly pay for the installation of the photovoltaic panels and the connection to the electricity grid.

Why connect to the power grid? If your photovoltaic installation does not cover all your electricity consumption, you switch directly to the general grid without this having the slightest effect on your appliances in operation. This means that there is never a power failure.

Please note that, unlike in some countries, it is not possible to resell the electricity produced by its photovoltaic panels. So if you produce more electricity than you consume, the surplus cannot be fed into the grid. This is why Solarmen installs anti-injection equipment when connecting to the grid. This way, you are protected in the event of surplus production.

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why choose solarmen for your photovoltaic system ?

Photovoltaic self-consumption is a relevant choice for making energy savings and adopting an eco-responsible approach.

But it is essential to surround yourself with qualified professionals who will be able to support you at every stage of this project. With Solarmen, you benefit from solid expertise that guarantees an installation that meets your needs.

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