Photovoltaic panels can be installed either for self-consumption to cover the majority of your electricity needs, or to supply a very specific station such as a heat pump, swimming pool, well, etc. Solarmen supports you in both types of projects and helps you reduce the energy cost of your electrical installations. The sunshine in Morocco makes solar energy very efficient for supplying electricity to energy-intensive substations and thus making significant savings.

switch to solar energy for the power supply of a substation

The power consumption of a swimming pool, be it for heating or the operation of the filter and pump, can quickly increase energy bills. The choice of a solar power supply is therefore a particularly suitable solution for private individuals and hotels. The installation of photovoltaic panels will enable you to produce enough electricity to supply this specific station without impacting your energy bills. You do not draw on the general grid but produce the electricity needed to run your pool.

This type of photovoltaic installation does not only concern swimming pools. It is possible to provide this solar energy supply for various appliances or stations with high electricity consumption: swimming pools, heat pumps, wells (especially for farms), automatic watering systems, etc…

This also avoids the need to connect remote structures to the network. Such connections are very expensive. Peer-to-peer solar power generation therefore not only saves on electricity consumption but also on the infrastructure in certain situations.

In all cases, the installation of photovoltaic panels pays for itself within a few years for the supply of electricity to specific substations.

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Rely on solarmen for your peer-to-peer photovoltaic power supply

Solarmen puts at your service a strong expertise in photovoltaic energy acquired over the years. We are therefore able to support you in your project to supply a power station with electricity from solar energy. We will be able to assess the number of panels needed to supply your swimming pool, heat pump or well with the optimum amount of electricity. With us, you will be taking an eco-responsible approach while reducing your electricity bills.

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