Access to water is a key issue for farms in Morocco. Most often, located in remote areas, they must either rely on a generator or be connected to the electricity network to run their pumps. But these solutions are expensive. The installation of a solar pumping system frees them from these two constraints and provides a functional, economic and ecological solution for farmers.

Take advantage of the expertise of Solarmen’s teams to set up a solar pumping system on your farm. You will benefit from continuous access to water at a very competitive price.

Le photovoltaïque pour l'agriculture

what is
solar pumping

This is a device that allows a water pump to be operated with solar energy (also called photovoltaic). With the level of sunshine in Morocco, photovoltaic panels store a large amount of solar energy which they convert into electricity. This electricity is then used to power the pump and enable the farm to benefit from a water supply at any time of the day.
Le photovoltaïque pour l'agriculture

how does
solar pumping
work ?

The system implemented by Solarmen works “in the course of the sun”. This means that the pump is directly connected to the solar panels using a controller, specifically an inverter-variator. It will therefore start up as soon as there is sufficient sunlight. The water extracted in this way will either be used directly or stored in a storage tank or reservoir for later use.

This system makes it possible to store not the electricity produced by the solar panels but the water extracted by the pump, which is cheaper. But this is not the only advantage of solar pumping.

why choose solar energy to supply water to your farm ?

reduced costs

The cost of installing such a device is quickly amortised compared to the cost of a generator or connection to the general electricity grid. In addition, the level of sunshine in Morocco guarantees that the solar panels will function optimally.

continuous water supply

With a solar “run-of-the-sun” pumping system, farmers are guaranteed a continuous water supply, regardless of the level of sunshine or the time of day. This system makes it possible to regulate water production and thus prevent water cuts or excessively high pressures. It is the role of the inverter-variator that will optimise the water extraction efficiency according to the amount of sunshine.

a clean energy

Solar energy is eco-friendly. Its use on your farm allows you to position yourself in an eco-responsible approach that you can promote to your customers.

solarmen’s expertise

Our company, which specialises in the installation of solutions based on solar energy, will accompany you in this project and provide you with a great deal of advice. Switching to solar pumping is a change for your operation and we are here to ensure that it takes place under optimum conditions.

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