Electricity is an important item in the budget of private individuals in Morocco. It is possible to reduce the cost of electricity bills significantly and sustainably by opting for the installation of photovoltaic panels. Do not hesitate to contact Solarmen to reduce your electricity expenses.

Photovoltaics for domestic uses in Marrakech

pumping installation

network connection

peer to peer

photovoltaic self-consumption

Installed on the roof of your villa, photovoltaic panels can provide the solar energy needed to cover between 30 and 80% of your home’s electricity needs. This depends on the number of panels installed as well as your usual electricity consumption.

If you produce more electricity than you consume, you cannot sell the surplus or feed it into the grid. This is forbidden in Morocco. If you inject electricity into the grid, you will be charged for the surplus. To avoid this, Solarmen installs an anti-injection system.

Thanks to Solarmen’s on-grid installation, electricity from the public grid takes over without any impact if you produce less electricity than you consume. This allows you to avoid power cuts and at the same time reduce your energy bills considerably. In fact, it is estimated that the solar energy produced by photovoltaic panels is 50-75% cheaper than that charged by electricity suppliers. This means that your installation pays for itself quickly.

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peer to peer power supply

While on-grid photovoltaic panel installations are connected to the grid to cover all your electrical needs, the peer-to-peer power supply is independent of the general grid. The photovoltaic panels will supply electricity to a specific substation. This solution is used for energy-intensive substations such as swimming pools or heat pumps.

For example, you can opt for solar energy only for some of your equipment that you do not wish to feed into the public grid.

Application Solarweb

tracking your consumption

Solarmen provides you with an application that allows you to control and monitor your solar energy consumption.

With complete transparency, you have access to various data that allow you to analyse the yield of your installation, its energy balance, power, performance, etc.

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